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The Procedure

Step 1
Obtain a quotation using our quote form or alternatively calling us on 0845 6524466 or 07763 836545.
Step 2
We will respond to your quotation via. your preferred contact method.
Step 3
The price is agreed and we dispatch the adequate amount of cleaners required to get the job done. Payment is made upon completion of the job.
lpc_home_cleaningLondon Property Cleaning has been establishing itself as the premier cleaning company in the London area, whether your home is large or small, we pride ourselves on a job well done. With today’s busy lifestyle people don’t always find the time they would like to add the clean sparkle to their home.

How many times have you said to yourself that I need to set time aside and give the house a good clean from top to bottom, but then never found the time, or you start and then have to stop, because something as popped up that needs attending to. Let us do the cleaning for you.

We guarantee your mirrors will be smear free, your kitchen worktops will be germ free, your floors will shine, your carpets once stream cleaned will look like new, dirty finger marks and dust will be gone from your home. Our highly trained cleaning staff loves to clean. They thrive on challenges and are supplied with all the best cleaning equipment to ensure that when they have finished you will be overjoyed with the work they have done. This will enable you to spend more quality time with family and friends.

We have both female and male cleaning staff, so if you have a preference to who you want in your home we can arrange that for you.

Our staff can arrange a time that is convenient to you; we do our best to ensure we work around your busy lifestyle. We know homeowners are sometimes reluctant to have people they don’t know in their homes and we understand this, that is why all our potential staff are CRB checked before we employ them.

Home Cleaning London



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