As much as you want to keep your new carpet looking good as new for a long time it is inevitable to get wine or coffee stains, gravy or ketchup spills, or even muddy footprints. While you may try your hardest to prevent these things from happening it is much more important to be ready for a quick fix when these things happen.

Read on how to remove spills and stains quickly before you call out the professionals!

General stains

  • Get two empty spray bottles, and fill one with cold water and the other with mild dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water.
  • Get an absorbent cloth and spray the dishwashing mix onto it. Dab the wet cloth to the stain spot and blot with the clean part of the cloth. Continue dabbing and blotting until all the stain is gone.
  • Get another clean cloth and spray it with cold water and dab over the stain spot cleaned with dishwashing mix. Blot dry.
  • Get several paper towels and pile it on top of the damp spot and place a heavy pot on top to soak up any remaining stains overnight.
  • In the morning let it air dry.

Pet Stains

It is not just for aesthetic reasons that you have to remove pet stains from your carpet. It is important to remove pet stains because it can cause odours and bacteria to accumulate in your carpet. You may do the steps above using an enzyme-packed pet stain cleaner or you may use a regular cleaner and then after it air dries you can also sprinkle baking soda to sit for another night to absorb the smell and disinfect the area, then vacuum the next day.

Wine Stains

It is important to act quickly when it comes to wine stains as they can cause a permanent stain on your carpet. After the spill gets an absorbent cloth and tries to blot as much as you can. Press hard on the spot with an absorbent cloth and let it absorb the liquid. Use cleaners to blot the area and let a cloth or paper towels absorb the residue overnight.

Nail Polish Stains

Nail polish can be a very scary stain to come across, the high pigmentation can make it a tough stain to remove. Check out these hints and tips for the best way to remove nail varnish from rugs and carpets.

Coffee Stains

Just like with wine stains, coffee stains could cause a permanent stain to your carpet so it is best to act quickly. Let an absorbent cloth absorb as much spill as it can. Then prepare a mixture of one tablespoon white vinegar and one tablespoon dishwashing liquid, and two cups of warm water. Use this mixture to blot away the coffee stain then rinse by blotting the area with cold water. Blot dry.